I waited for a couple hours this morning for the clouds to wring themselves out, but my good-weather luck came to an end. The downpour became almost comical later in the afternoon, and I spent the downtime writing postcards and washing out some linens. Not really.

I ran into these clowns at a park near the Haghia Sophia. Standing next to me is Hossein, an ethnic Azerbaijani Iranian from Tabriz, which he tries to make clear at 0:11, but I’m not listening. Holding my camera is his friend Shalhamar, from Tehran.

talkin.bout.a.revolution from Sluggh McGee on Vimeo.

Like bums, we stood around the park drinking beer for an hour, talking about the best way of overthrowing Ahmadinejad. The Kurd in the orange scarf joined us later, and we resolved to establish an independent Kurdistan once the Iranian domino fell. I felt like I was in the U.N. Security Council, except we were actually getting something done.

Hoping for more manageable weather tomorrow.